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Do you want to listen to your favorite songs or download your best video clips? Find your YouTube video in one click and download the music in high quality 320 kbps mp3 format or MP4 video (up to 720p HD quality). The video conversion is only a matter of milliseconds and the download begins almost immediately ! High-speed download millions of YouTube videos in the best quality files is now at your fingertips.

The converter also allows to trim the audio file as you prefer before you download the MP3 track. No more long and boring introductions, interruptions or disruptive talks at the end of a song. You can directly watch videos online on our website by clicking on the video thumbnail you’ll find in your search results. Visit our Top Charts updated in real time and discover the hottest YouTube videos in every countries !

How to download music and videos ?

Our YouTube video converter is totally free and anonymous. No need to register or give your email address. Just enter the song title or key words to look for the Youtube Video you want to convert to mp3 or mp4. You can also directly paste the URL link of the video that you want to download, then click on the search magnifying glass icon to find your video. Once you have found the video that you want, just click on the download button to start the video conversion to high quality 320 kbps mp3 format ! As for videos, you can select the quality you want (the best quality currently available is 720p). The website is completely compatible to smartphones, you can download any YouTube video on any smartphone and listen to your favorite songs anywhere you go. Don’t be afraid to run out of mobile data since you can now access to Youtube video offline directly from your phone.

For downloading a video in mp3 format, the converter allows to select a time range so as to avoid lengthy introductions, interruptions or never-ending conversations at the end of a song. Pick a start and end time for your song then launch the download. At the moment, our platform offers conversion and downloading of YouTube-only videos, however we’re currently working on developing our script to extend our reach so you can download videos from any online platform available. Updates will be provided to you very shortly.

Why using the YouTube converter VIDZTOMP3 ?

The Youtube converter VIDZTOPM3 makes it possible to convert any popular music video to mp4 or mp3 tracks delivered straight to your smartphone or computer library. Forget the copy/paste trick to find your video. The integrated search engine save you time while being intuitive and super easy to use. Our technology enable files conversion to mp3 or mp4 in record time which makes the download even faster. All the files downloaded through VIDZTOMP3 converter are turned into high quality formats: 320 kbps for mp3 (usually available for loads of YouTube video). You will get to choose among a various types of format from mp4 720p to WEBM or 3GP (lowest quality to date).

You can download encrypted videos too (very useful for YouTube Vevo channels) as well as videos blocked because of age or country restrictions. You can also watch all those videos online by clicking on the video's thumbnail. View all trending videos in your country of choice. Discover the world hottest Youtube videos of the moment with the YouTube Top Chart. The website is completely mobile responsive and offers an intuitive and quick navigation on any devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) as well as any web browser. Indications about the file size prevents you from taking up space on your hard drive. Our converter is very effective thanks to a compression capacity which creates lightweight files that are easy to load, even for high quality videos.

Learn more about our Mp3 and Mp4 converter

Here are some additional informations regarding our YouTube converter. If you need any further details, please refer to the FAQ. You’re very likely to find answers to all your questions.

Is this YouTube converter free to use?

Converting and downloading YouTube videos through our platform is entirely free and anonymous. Neither registration nor software installation is required to use our Youtube to mp3 converter. And our service will remain free forever. Some ads are displayed on our website in order to pay for servers which are particularly expensive. Again, be assured that no fee are required from you to enjoy our service.

How many YouTube videos can I download?

There is absolutely no limit to the number of files you can download. Feel free to download as many videos as you want whether it is a mp3 or mp4 files, with the length you prefer and without age or country restrictions. You can even download videos from Vevo accounts, then take advantage of it!

Is it legal to convert and download YouTube videos?

It is absolutely legal to use our service as it would be for recording a radio program or TV series. In that particular case, there is no copyrights violation as it constitutes a private copy intended for strict personal or familial use (« fair use »). However, it is unauthorized to resell mp3 files or mp4 videos previously downloaded on our website. Also, you cannot share downloaded files. The bottom line is that you can safely use our YouTube video converter.