In this part of the FAQ dealing with downloading Youtube videos in mp4, we will explain why to download Youtube videos in mp4.

No longer accept the risk of bad internet connections by downloading youtube videos in mp4

Remember this time where you wanted to show a great video to one of your friends? This time you had a presentation in front of dozens of people and you were supposed to show a video? How many people have ever had an Internet connection problem? A loading circle that never ends? With VidzToMp3 you will not have these problems because you can take your videos everywhere with you: in your computer, on your phone or on a small USB key!

Do not see a Youtube video disappear

You too have already seen a video that you remember perfectly the title, but no way to find it? This is a recurring case for Youtubeurs who offer content with controversial content. Their video can be easily deleted by multiple reports! Some videos denounce taboo topics and they disappear as quickly as they came ... and their message with. The whistle-blowing videos often disappear very quickly from the Internet, and are sometimes a golden nugget! With VidzToMp3, download the video and keep it warm on your computer, your phone or a USB key. You can leave it on any occasion.

Have a Youtube video library

You have moments every day when you do nothing, and we are the first! Maybe it is waiting for the subway (without wifi connection, 3G or 4G of course), or the queue at the doctor? You could take out a sudoku, listen to music or read a book. But do you have Thinking of watching a video on a topic that interests you? You who are probably a fan of the evolution of fauna and flora in the forests of Bhutan, there is a playlist of 10 hours of video that you want to watch for so long, but no way to get started! You do not have the time. If every day you take the time to watch your playlist for 10 minutes a day, in a week you will have watched 1 hour and 10 minutes of your playlist you will have watched almost 10% of your playlist! In one month 4 hours and 40 minutes and in one year 56 hours of video! Do not you think that watching 56 hours of video does not make the difference between an expert and an amateur?

Advice from VidzToMp3: If you are a student, do not hesitate to download court videos on your smartphone. You can save time on your transportation revisions. It’s always more time for your personal time! For that, you will only have to type the name of your subject and the title of the chapter on our search engine located on the homepage: it is very likely that a student or a teacher has already made a video on this subject !