In this second part of the FAQ we will talk only about the conversion and downloading of YouTube videos in mp4 format.

How to convert and download a Youtube video to mp4

Are you interested in a Youtube video? Want to share this video with all your friends? Maybe even propose the projection of a video before an audience? Who never came across a video saying, "Woaw! This video is great! All my friends must be able to see her! Thanks to our services, you will not have to worry about losing these videos, you will be able to keep them on your phone, your computer or any other support allowing the reading of video. Think back to the last time you saw a video that you liked and would like to review, it would not have been the case if you downloaded it.
One day or another you will necessarily have to download a video from the largest platform for sharing video online: Youtube! That’s why VidzToMp3 considers it important to teach you now to download a video in MP4 format so you can do it effectively the day you’re in need.
So do not wait any longer, VidzToMp3 will take care of converting your Youtube video into downloadable MP4 format from wherever you will have an Internet connection.

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Why download Youtube videos in mp4

If you happen to want to watch Youtube videos that you have seen in your newsfeed but you do not have an internet connection, downloading it will allow you to watch it anytime, anywhere on the web. any reading medium (television, computer, projector, tablet ...). At the time of sharing the video you will not suffer the vagaries of the vacant 3G / 4G connections. In a few clicks you can play your video in the subway, the bus and even in a train in the depths of Thailand where 3G and 4G does not exist!
Another hazard can happen: a video may be deleted by its owner or by the Youtube service. The download will allow you to enjoy unlimited without any constraints imposed by Youtube.
Have a library of video content to watch when you have 5 minutes to wait may be very interesting. Students use MP4 video download systems from Youtube to download courses so they can view them when they have to wait for the bus or wait at the coffee machine. If they watch 10 minutes of video a day, in a week they will have watched 1 hour 10 of video, or 4 hours 40 minutes in a month! Finally, you can wander from link to link and cross lots of long video that interests you but you do not have time to watch. Instead of making a Youtube link list or playlists that will be dependent on your internet connection, download your video and enjoy it whenever you want!

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Why VidzToMp3 is the best Youtube mp4 converter

By searching the Internet, you can find many services offering to download videos in MP4 format. However, you want to know which converter will be the fastest, the most efficient ... in short, the best? No need to go further, VidzToMp3 is the best MP4 video download service of the web! Our site has been developed to offer you videos of the highest quality with the fastest conversion possible! The icing on the cake is that VidzToMp3 will allow you to download videos directly to your phones which is a new opportunity! Indeed VidzToMp3 offers to download videos where all other converters offer a video player that does not download content, especially at Apple. VidzToMp3 is also a search engine that allows you to find your videos by searching by keywords or other content related to a video. Are you traveling to Pattaya in Thailand? Are you going to have a 3-hour bus ride to Bangkok <-> Pattaya? Download videos related to Pattaya thanks to VidzToMp3 by typing the appropriate keywords and your 3 hours will pass much faster!
VidzToMp3 guarantees you a total free and a system allowing you to be totally anonymous. Indeed VidzToMp3 is SSL certified which allows all your requests to be encrypted guaranteeing optimal security. You will never worry about downloading Youtube videos using VidzToMp3. VidzToMp3 is an unlimited access to files without maximum size with a system to delete video sequences if you want to recover only part of the video. You will also be able to download videos which are in unlimited access, that’s the magic of our services!
Once the download is done thanks to VidzToMp3, the services do not stop there! You will also be able to share your download with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
Once again VidzToMp3 does not stop there! After having revolutionized the conversion system, VidzToMp3 now offers a top video system which you can consult in the menu at the top of the site by clicking on "Top Charts". You will be able to see the most downloaded videos on VidzToMp3 allowing to make a ranking of best music! What better way to redo your playlist of Summer than a ranking? Moreover, if you are nostalgic for a country, you can also adapt your ranking to a country by choosing a classification taking into account the criterion of the country of origin. Perhaps you will find this music that was everywhere during your trip to Morocco and you do not know the title?

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