In this part of the FAQ on download Youtube videos in mp4, we will show you how to download, step by step, Youtube videos in MP4.
This is an important feature of our site, very easy to achieve that will change your use of Youtube.
All the videos you find on Youtube can disappear from one moment to another. Some videos are so epic that it’s perfectly normal to want to keep them in their personal collection, safe from deletion.

This is why the service offered by VIDZTOMP3 simplifies this exercise. The ability to download in MP4 all video clips of the YouTube platform can allow a person to develop his library of music videos at will.
Follow this little tutorial that explains from A to Z how to convert and download videos in MP4 :

1. Type the search keywords or title of the Youtube video to convert

In order to find the youtube video you want to convert and download to MP4, type the keywords in the search bar. These keywords can be the name of the artist or the title of the video.

2. Or, get the Youtube video link

To be sure to find a specific video, go to Youtube and copy the link of the video you want to convert to mp4.

3. Paste the Youtube video link

Once you’ve copied the video link, paste it into the search bar and start the search by clicking on the magnifying glass or pressing the "enter" key.

4. Download the Youtube video in mp4

After pasting the video link or typing the search keywords. You will see the desired video appear. Click the download button where it says "MP4".

You will then see 5 possibilities:

You can download your video in MP4 720p (best quality), WEBM, MP4 or 3GP.
You have the ability to download video in "HIGH SPEED" mode, with this download mode the video will be available in seconds. Some videos do not allow this download mode, if you get a file with the name "VIDEOPLAYBACK" uncheck the box "High speed" and the download will start correctly, but will be a little slower.