In this part of the FAQ about download Youtube videos in mp3, we will explain how to download Youtube videos in mp3, step by step.
For many people, it is essential to learn how to download mp3 songs from YouTube.
There is a lot of artists on this platform who use this media to attract more attention to their music. Many music that an artist publishes on YouTube can not yet be purchased.
While waiting to be able to buy it, you need an alternative in order to get the music to take it anywhere with you, keeping it in your smartphone or mp3 player.

Find a way to download songs from YouTube can be a headache for many. Choosing the right program to download songs on the internet will not be easy. VIDZTOMP3’s team simplifies this exercise. The ability to download mp3 tracks from YouTube can allow a person to develop their music library with ease.
The use of our converter is instinctive, you will have to be able to use it by yourself without hindrance.
However, if you are not comfortable with computers and do not understand the functioning of our Youtube converter, follow this little tutorial that will allow you to better understand how our service works.

1. Type the search keywords or the title of the Youtube video

In order to find the youtube video you want to convert and download, type the keywords into the search bar. These keywords can be the name of the artist or the title of the video.

2. Get the Youtube video link

To be sure to find a specific video, go to Youtube and copy the link of the video you want to convert to mp3.

3. Paste the Youtube video link

Once you have copied the video link, paste it into the search bar and start the search by clicking on the magnifying glass or by pressing the "enter" key.

4. Download Youtube video in mp3

After pasting the link to the video or typing the search keywords. You will see the desired video. Click the download button where it says "MP3". Your video is converted almost instantly, and will be downloaded after a few seconds. The quality of the mp3 file will be optimal (320 kbps) if the quality of the source video is good.

5. Share your download

Once you click on your download, you will see the social network icons appear. Do not hesitate to share your download with your friends so that they can discover what you like, and that they can take advantage of this opportunity that offers our service. This will also help us to make our converter more popular and allow us to develop our service so that is even more efficient.

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