Our Youtube to MP3 and MP4 converter is easy to use. Its interface is slick and intuitive, and has a minimalist design. However, if you ever experience any technical issue to convert or download music or videos, please refer to the following sections which contain tutorials as well as answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Convert and download Youtube videos in MP3

There is plenty of online converters which allow to download Youtube music video but no one is as easy to use as VIDZTOMP3 converter. Here you will discover and understand everything about converting and downloading Youtube music video in MP3. You will be explained why our website is the best of its kind and how to download the Youtube contents you love. If you encounter any trouble with the process, simply follow our short step-by-step tutorial to understand how to convert and download Youtube videos in MP3 straight onto your mobile or computer.

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Download music videos with our Youtube to MP4 converter

In this second part, we will demystify all the processes related to downloading Youtube videos in MP4. Video conversion is a broad and complex topic which has been the focus of countless technical threads on forums. Yet this technical jargon is only interesting and understandable to specialists. Thus, don’t worry if that used to sound like an incomprehensible language as we will make it a piece of cake for you! In the end, you will be able to download videos from Youtube in the format you want, in the best quality and according to YOUR criteria. Downloading Youtube videos in MP4, Webb or 3Gp has never been as easy as with our online converter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Youtube converter ?

A Youtube converter provides a service which allows users to convert Youtube videos to any audio or video format so they can download and save music or videos on their devices. With our VIDZTOMP3 converter, you can now convert Youtube videos and download them in various formats from MP3, MP4, Webb to 3Gp. Youtube converters come in different forms: websites, softwares or web browser plugins. As of now, our converter offers online Youtube conversion. However, we are currently working on the development of a plugin which will make the process even more easier for you. Follow our Facebook page to be updated about our activities and the official launch of our brand new plugin. Coming soon…

How much does it cost to use our service?

VIDZTOMP3 is totally free. There is no fee, no registration required and no software installation necessary. Our converter is an online tool, entirely free and anonymous. You can download as many files as you want without limits. Since the service is free, you will find ads and banners on our website in order for us to cover management and operation expenses. This allows us to offer you the best experience in terms of speed and ease of use.

How long does it take to convert a video?

You may be used to waiting for dozens of seconds, sometimes even a few minutes, in order to convert a Youtube video. Those days are long gone! Our service leverages an innovative technology that makes possible instant conversion of any video to MP3 or MP4 format.

Can I download videos on my smartphone and tablet?

You can seamlessly convert and download videos on any smartphones and devices except iPhones and iPads. Apple has always used a closed proprietary ecosystem fostered by a very strict policy. Therefore, IOS users have very limited freedom when it comes to managing multimedia files. In order to offset this issue, we are focusing on developing a new mobile application that will allow to convert and download any video on any device.

I’ve experienced a bug / error on the website, how can I advise the technical team?

If you encounter any technical issues using our service or should you need to contact our team, please refer to the Contact section on our website. Besides, you can also reach out via Facebook for assistance.

Is it legal to use a YouTube video converter ?

As of now, using a YouTube video converter to download videos you like is considered as a legal activity. However, your intended use of the downloaded files has to remain strictly personal. We recommend you to be responsible and respectful of the copyright law when you download a music or video. YouTube converters can be though of as modern-day tape decks or video recorders. So as long as you do not distribute, sell or share your downloaded files, feel free to use our service in complete freedom.

When I want to convert a YouTube video to MP4, I download an unusable « videoplayback » file, why then?

If the download of a YouTube video in MP4, Webm or 3Gp proves unsuccessful or else, you end up with a « videoplayback » file, it means that you are unable to use the « High-speed » mode. In that particular case, clear the « High-speed » download check box and try again to download your video.