In this section of the FAQ about download Youtube videos in mp4, we will explain why VidzToMp3 is the best Youtube mp4 converter.

Highest Quality MP4 Video Conversion Service

The VidzToMp3 service has been measured as one of the fastest services in the converters market. We believe in the ability of instantaneity, and we wish to make every effort to offer you the fastest possible service because we consider that our time. What is more valuable?
Wishing to allow everyone to download MP4 videos, VidzToMp3 has developed a service as simple as possible. That’s why we offer a simple search bar in which to type your keyword as if you were on Youtube. Then no useless information, we propose buttons to the point.
By combining speed and simplicity, we allow a service of the highest quality. You will notice that you do not have to make more than 3 clicks to upload your video!

A free, secure and limitless service for your youtube download in mp4

VidzToMp3 is a service that has been developed with the aim of improving Internet use for everyone, regardless of age or social category! So we want our services to be free forever: converters requesting payment are for us crooks because their service is often not up to the proposed price.
Once again for the sake of your security, VidzToMp3 has been SSL certified. This is a data encryption method that allows you to navigate safely. Any information that your connection transfers to us will be encrypted and can not be interpreted as a potential hack from your Internet connection or if you are on a public connection at an airport or a McDonald’s.
VidzToMp3 wants to allow you to enjoy Youtube videos without limit, that’s why we decided not to limit your downloads to a fixed number of minutes or hours as other converters offer which then become paid.

An opportunity to share the videos you like on social networks

Once your video is ready for download, you will have a menu offering the download. However, you can go further: you can share the content you have downloaded with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Advice from VidzToMp3: If you are in a Facebook group oriented on a topic like a group of passionate gardening or the Facebook group of your class, do not hesitate to share the download of a video that might please them in these groups . Your comrades will only be grateful!

VidzToMp3 suggests Youtube videos for your library

VidzToMp3 has developed a database to establish a ranking of videos of the moment! You will be able to make your playlist of the moment. To access this option, simply access the menu: "Top Charts" at the top of the site.
Tip from VidzToMp3: Instead of downloading your music in MP3 format, download the video clips with. You will be able to project them during your evenings for those who do not dance and in addition it becomes more and more fashionable!