In this section of the FAQ about downloading Youtube videos in mp3, we will explain why VidzToMp3 is the best Youtube mp3 converter.

Totally free; totally anonymous

VIDZTOMP3 will never ask you to register for an account, or ask for your email address. This is 100% anonymous

Video time length automation

You can start your video or song at any time. VIDZTOMP3 offers a sleek time range tool so you can cut out unnecessary introductions, or useless banter that typically accompanies songs and videos found on YouTube.

Available on any platform

From any brand of mobile smart phone, tablet, laptop or web browser, VIDZTOMP3 will be compatible and work for you. You can even get notifications about file sizes before downloading so that you can properly allocate and accommodate space on your local hard drive.

Quality as high – or as low – as you want it

VIDZTOMP3 has mastered downloads of YouTube videos as high quality MP3 and MP4 files at fast speeds. VIDZTOMP3’s high quality 320 Kbps MP3’s will be the highest audio quality available on YouTube. As for video, you can go straight for an MP4 at HD 720p video, or choose WEBM or 3GP, which is the lowest quality video format available on the market today. Why is this important? Everybody has been frustrated by their smart phone when it runs out the hard drive space. With low quality and low file size options available through VIDZTOMP3, you can carry more video and entertainment content, all while taking up less space on your mobile device’s hard drive.

Encrypted videos? No problem

Want to download a video from a VEVO account? VIDZTOMP3 has you covered. Never worry about getting blocked again due to age or country restrictions. Content that is on the Internet should be available to everyone.

No restrictions. Go wild

With VIDZTOMP3, you can download as many files as you want. We don't put any watermarks or file limits. At VIDZTOMP3, we believe that the skies the limit. That's why we created the greatest YouTube MP3 and MP4 converter and downloader to date.

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